Ancient Powers of Eternity

The journey into the infinite sea of realities begins with experiencing

The journey into the infinite sea of realities begins with experiencing

This is a representation from the Genesis piece "Ancient Powers" distributed on the platform under the AncientWorlds profile.

The Experience:
In a place between worlds, an impossible fusion of cybernetics and art give rise to new ideas. The universes rushes by as alien originators watch over their hatchlings who will sail the seas of probability to find the perfect universe. While time moves around them in its endless circles, the moment of genesis is truly a magnificant and memorable part of the journey. What will become of tomorrow is only known in visions, yet in the moment, there is only the now that matters.

About the image:
This image was captured from within a virtual reality environment, and represents a unique moment of time within historical space within an emerging virtual reality art scene. This piece has evolved over the course of several years and revisited at several points within that span. The most recent incarnation represents a transition point from corporate held art creation tools to open source development.

Tools used in the creation of this work include brushes that have never been publicly available. It is a journey through a new kind of space where the implements of creation are no longer predetermined, and instead are summoned into existence by the work's creator.

The work above was created with a modified prototype version of open-brush, using oculus rift virtual reality technology.