About The Artist

Ancient Worlds is the hove of the Seattle based virtual reality artist, David Eliason.  I've been involved in VR and XR art since 2017, and have been creating for an undisclosed number of decades...

While I'm just getting the site set up here, you can feel free to browse through my work on Facebook, where I tend to be active due to the high number of specialized communities related to my interests as an artist.  Many of the members of the original Oculus Medium forum have migrated to this space as a natural extension of the original environment.  As one of several beta testers, of this software, prior to it's acquisition by Adobe, it has been an exciting journey.

Currently, when not creating art, I'm involved in providing feedback and creating with the tools of the Icosa Open Brush project, which was recently released into the wild by Google.  

I look forward to transferring content here (a monumental task) and updating this site over the course of the year.  Initially, I plan to prioritize new releases, and will backfill with some older work as time permits.


 Ancient Powers of Eternity